Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tangy and spicy wasabi sakana supreme 2013

Initially I was not going to try the wasabi sakana burger because I have already tried it last year in Hong Kong.

The wasabi sakana burger contains horseradish, mustard seeds, garlic and chili.

The difference this year is that the fish filet is bigger and the sauce claims to be TANGY!

Sauce could be seen leaking out from the box!

sauce coming out the box

Basically it had lettuce and sauce on the first layer but no cheese could be seen yet.

where is my cheese?
On the bottom layer there was still no cheese!

where is my cheese?
LUCKILY I WAS DINING THERE SO I COULD ASK IF THERE WAS MEANT TO BE CHEESE THERE AS SHOWN ON THE PRODUCT PICTURE, so they just added two HALF slices of cheese for me on the same burger instead of giving me a fresh one so my burger was lovely and cold after queuing up to tell them there was no friggin cheese!

cheese at last!
Wasabi sakana burger:The lettuce in the burger really ruins it.
While I was ordering there were at least two people who requested it without and if it does taste nice, the original would have lettuce in it too.
The sauce was disappointing it was not tangy at all.
If they added some tartar sauce, it may have improved the tangyness and flavour.
The burger was cold because I had to ask for the cheese.

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