Friday, April 19, 2013

New menu at Delaney's

Delaney's Wanchai (Wan Chai)

Have not been here for ages so went again for English and Irish fare.

The menu has finally changed and is slightly better but the prices have gone up.

There were three that caught my eye and not previously there:

WARM POTATO & BLACK PUDDING SALAD $98 (garden greens with warmed potatoes and fried black pudding)
PAN FRIED COD FILLET WITH POTATO & LEEK GRÂTIN $175 (cod fillet served with grâtin potato and daily vegetables)
ROASTED HALF CHICKEN $138 (chicken seasoned with fresh rosemary and garlic with seasonal vegetables and house fries)
In the end I had the black pudding salad because I had a tasting later that day.
When it came, it was exactly that, ie potato, salad and black pudding.
The potato was delicious because it was my favourite potato from the salad bar warmed up, and the mayonnaise was delicious.

The black pudding did not taste as nice as the ones at Queen Victoria.
I am not sure if the black pudding was a different brand or the oil was rancid because their fried stuff is not as good as their roast.

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