Sunday, April 14, 2013

When will I see you again.....Chippy

Chippy (Central)
Originally I was planning to have a Brit day in May by shopping at UK's TopShop and dining at the Chippy afterwards which is located by the famous stairs in Central opposite TopShop so how convenient!!

However TopShop is not open yet and I heard Chippy is going to close down soon due to high rents and they do not know if they can relocate, so I had to make an emergency trip there to get my fare of fish and chips.

Usually you hear the news of Chinese food closing down and it never meant a thing to me, but this time I was actually quite saddened.

Anyway, got there late in the afternoon and as it is possibly my last fish and chips from there so it was hard to decide which type of fish because they were all my favourites.

I was having trouble deciding between Sole and Plaice because both are rare in Hong Kong and this is possibly the only place that serves it.
In the end I ordered the plaice and chips with an extra fish cake.

As well as fish and chips they had curries which I hope I can make another emergency trip down here to try it especially the saag paneer and rice.


Plaice is quite a flat fish, so the thickness of the filet is thinner than the other fishes.
I love the succulent texture and it was just delicious because I have not had that fish in ages.

The difference with the fish here is that there is some fish skin stuck to the fish which gives it that delicious taste.

As expected the chips were delicious, thick and chunky chips with a lovely potato centre.
Fish Cake:

My favourite fish cake because it has a lot of herbs inside it.
Photos for fun

Compared to the Chip in Fish and chips in Sai Kung, the chips are made from fresh potatoes and they have different choices for fish and you can dine there.

Goodbye to Chippy for now and hope to see you again in the not so distant future.
It was also nice being interviewed there a year ago.

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