Monday, April 08, 2013

freshtea by happylemon

There were so many branches of Happy Lemon closing and opening and this branch of Happy Lemon is slightly different because of the range they serve and it is called Freshtea Happy Lemon (Mong Kok).

The range they serve was quite interesting with drinks like pineapple green tea, banana green tea, kiwi green tea and papaya green tea.

I ordered the green tea with lemon because the reviews said it was quite tart.

Green tea with lemon:

When I got it, there was a real slice of lemon in it.
The first sip tasted like lemon sorbet which is slightly different to the usual Taiwanese style lemon teas and maccha and the maccha taste was very powdery.
There maccha was very grassy and there was a lot of maccha powder so it taste tasted floury.
As for the sweetness it could have been less sweet and the lemon flavour was quite artificial because I could taste lemon zest in it which made it slightly bitter.

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