Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Almond snowball treats from Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery (Central)

Thanks to Mjqueen7e for getting me these treats from Levain.

I have always wanted to try LEVAIN in vain but the location is really inconvenient.

Luckily Mjqueen7e was at the Island East Markets and they had a stall there.

Almond snowballs:
Initially I did not know what they were but they were interesting because they were very heavy in terms of weight when you held them.
It turns out, Mjqueen7e had already slipped in a card with the name of this but I was too excited and forgot about the card.
When I took them out, they appeared to be hard with a white icing sugar just like a snowball!

It seemed to be a cookie tasting like a buttery shortbread and it was crumbly.
The buttery and flour taste was quite strong, whilst the floury wheat taste lingered which I really liked because it reminds me of Farley's rusk by HEINZ, a teething biscuit for babies, and yes I can remember tastes as far back as that!
Thanks to these snowballs, I remembered another baby teething biscuit which is harder in terms of texture than Farley's.

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