Saturday, April 06, 2013

A quiet time at Poets

When I saw the name of this place on OpenRice, I did not expect it to be a pub because the name Poets is more like a Cafe or classy restaurant.

Anyway, decided to go in and try their pies because of ChanJan's review.

When I got there, it was quiet and clean inside.

The waitress had disappeared somewhere so I had to wait for a bit.

When she came back I asked her what the daily pie was and she said it was steak and kidney so I ordered it.
Steak and kidney pie:

When it arrived, it looked like a Mexican bun.
Inside the pie, there was lots of succulent pieces of beef and gravy.

The pie was piping hot but the centre of the filling was still icy.
Since I do not really eat beef I was too lazy to complain.
But the rest of the pie and gravy was delicious because the gravy was really rich and you could taste fine bits of kidney and liver.
The pastry was really really flakey just like a vol u vont.

Pickled egg:

The pickled egg was pickled right through to the yolk, the yolk was quite vinegary too.
The size of the yolk was big too compared to other eggs, there was not much egg white as I hoped.

The egg white was really nice because it was really sour and the pickled yolk was really silky.

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