Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mini Yorkshire puddings at Yorkshire pudding

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Although this place is heavily decorated in a British theme serving my favourite Yorkshire puddings, it failed to make it on my priority list.
This restaurant reminded me of Limehouse in WanChai.

I only tried it because I was at a tasting nearby.

I ordered the mini Yorkshire puddings.

Mini Yorkshire puddings:

When it came I was surprised there were four of them.
They were very crispy and reminded me of BLT's popovers.

The taste was slightly disappointing because they did not taste as good as the Yorkshire puddings at Delaneys and the gravy did not taste meaty enough.

The yorkshire puddings were too eggy and not as yeasty and chewy as the ones at Delaneys.
There was not enough gravy to finish off the Yorkshire puddings.
Nice glass for the water



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