Sunday, April 14, 2013

In search for Xi'an food

有緣小敍 (Jordan)

On my last trip to Jordan I planned to dine at this place but could not find it because it was actually located on Saigon Street and behind the street sign that saids Saigon Street too.

Waited a while before I could get a seat and when I sat down I looked at the picture menu and the English menu to see what to order.

Some pictures were really familiar because they were taken from some famous bloggers ie kikisheep, ilovedisney and taiwanwalker!

The pictures even had the links on the bottom too!

I really wanted to order the bread with meat but it was sold out.

There were interesting historical figures on the table.

Fried red beancurd chicken wings:

The chicken wings were delicious and deep fried so that the chicken skin was crispy.
The red beancurd was quite salty after it had been fried.
Wide strip noodles with oil and fennel dumplings:

The noodles were quite nice but the oil was a bit rancid which spolt it.

However the dumplings were the best I have tried, there was so much fennel and less on the meat.
See how green it was.
If the dumpling wrap was thinner it would have been perfect.

The noodles were topped with deep fried greens which reminded me of seaweed sold in British takeaways.

Ribs and noodles:

I did not like the noodles but the ribs were delicious and the meat was soft and tender.
Fried dumplings filled with black sesame paste:

There were two flavours for the fried dumplings, peanut or sesame so I chose black sesame.
It was quite funny when they brought it out because they apologised that they were not meant to look like "tsee-goo-ding" ie the male reproductive organ of a child!
Apart from the appearance they tasted quite nice but the glutinous exterior was slightly dry.

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