Monday, April 15, 2013

Coffee+lover = Lucky four leaf CLover

Clover Cake & Coffee House (North Point)

This coffee house has been opened for a few years but since I am not a coffee drinker I never went in.

The earlier choice of cakes they had did not attract me until the recent reviews when I saw the Green tea latte which is said to taste better than the Green tea latte at Sinmei's.

I finally went there just to try the green tea latte and noticed this cake called the Haru so I tried that as well.

This was green tea, earl grey and blackcurrant with a macaron on top.
The cake was very sweet so pairing it with green tea latte was not that good.
Next time I should order tea with it.
The green tea layer and earl grey tasted really nice because it was a nice combination of earl grey and green tea together.
The blackcurrant layer on top ruined it because it was too sweet and the taste was so strong that it demolished the green tea and earl grey taste.
I was surprised with the macaron because it was filled with jam.

Green tea latte:

I tried this before eating the cake and luckily I did because the cake was sweeter than the drink.
So after I ate the cake, the latte tasted milky and the taste was not as nice as before trying the cake.
Overall the green tea latte was quite nice but the temperature of the latte was not hot enough.

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