Monday, April 22, 2013

Delicious and colourful Omerice

Omerice (Tin Hau)

I would just like to Thank IVY_CWK and Mjqueen7e for treating me to this delicious Omurice dinner.
This is a mega late review as we dined here ages ago!

Omurice is an omelette made with fried rice and usually topped with ketchup.

At Omerice, they specialize in Omurice and offer so many different flavoured omelettes with different sauces to choose from.

For the omelettes there were so many types: squid omelette, tom yum kung, spinach and scallops and sea urchin.

All the omurices are served with ketchup but here they have curry sauce and cream sauce to choose from as well.

When you order you can ask for the omelette to be semi-cooked which we did because it tastes even better.

We decided to try the spinach and scallop omerice and the squid ink omerice with stuff chicken wings with cheese and spinach.

While we were digging into the delicious omerices, the manageress gave us some jellyfish salad.

The cutlery there is quite cute and matches their logo, the fork resembles the cracked egg.

Chicken wings stuffed with cheese and spinach:
The chicken wings were lovely and crispy and it was filled with delicious spinach and cheese.

Spinach and scallop omerice with cream sauce:
The texture of the omelette was really nice because we ordered it semicooked so the omelette tasted really delicious with strong spinach taste.
The rice in the middle had generous pieces of scallops in it.
Squid ink omerice with cream sauce:
Compared to the spinach omerice, the squid ink had a stronger taste which tasted great with the hot fluffy rice in the middle.

Jellyfish salad:
The salad was really refreshing complemented by their Japanese vinaigrette sauce.
The jelly fish was nice and springy.
On the menu it was interesting that they had Pigeon's egg too which I tried recently at a restaurant in Ho Man Tim.

Thanks to IVY_CWK's arrangement we got a shared room which was really nice.

I can't wait to dine here again and try the other Omerices.

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