Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chinese croque monsieur

Lung Fung Cafe (Wan Chai)

I never thought I would be here again but came here with foodies because they wanted to try the fries with cheese.

Since my last visit, there are new items on the menu.
Massive logo!~

Quite a stack of cutlery.

New items:

Toast with cheese:I thought this was going to be cheese in the middle of toast but it was cheese in the middle of bread dipped in egg and pan-fried.

It was weird they gave you syrup too!

I tried it without the syrup and it tasted quite nice, just like a croque monsieur without ham and coated with egg oozing with melted cheese in the middle and buttered on top.

Fries with cheese:

The chips were dry and the cheese was rubbery and tasteless just like melted and hardened mozzarella.
Fries with cheese on an earlier visit at tai hang

While I was there I saw someone drinking broccoli soup and the soup was quite amusing because it was clear broth with lots of big chunks of broccoli florets in it, so you could say it was literally broccoli soup!
Well at least you can't complain you didn't get broccoli!!

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