Monday, April 01, 2013

Something fishy is sizzling on the sizzlier

Restaurant: Pepper Lunch

After having a nice chicken curry sizzler, I decided to try the fish sizzler this time with salmon and mackerel.

Mackerel and salmon sizzler:

The mackerel and salmon are almost cooked when they serve it for safety reasons.

When it is served, you just sizzle the vegetables and sizzle the fish to give it a slightly crisp texture.
Both fish were tender but I liked the mackerel because it had natural fish oils and the fish was really supple.

For the double fish sizzler the side of vegetables is much better than the other sizzles because it contains Chinese cabbage, French beans, sweetcorn and the other sizzlers just come with beanshoots.
Mashed potato with gravy:

Delicious silky mashed potatoes with beef gravy.
The potato had bits of meat in it.

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