Thursday, April 18, 2013

bee my favourite baguette

This joint used to be located at Prince Edwards on the busy side of Kowloon.

They have now moved to the classy side of Central located in between Sheung Wan and Central.
I like this branch because you can dine there and it is much bigger than the shop in Prince Edwards which only had two seats at the bar table.

I finally tried the baguettes because at the Prince Edward branch I could only try the snacks because there was no where to eat it.

To be honest I have attempted to dine at the Central branch many times without luck, it was either closed or the items I wanted were sold out.


The salad was surprisingly nice because of the salad dressing, it was thick caesar dressing which was lovely and cheesey.
Vegetarian fish baguette:

Although I am not a vegetarian it was nice that they had many vegetarian choices.
The vegetarian fish they used was the usual type that restaurants stock but it was jazzed up with mustards and other sauces.
Chicken in wine baguette:

As expected I really liked this and innovative that they used chicken in wine as a filling.
The wine taste was strong complemented by the crunchy medley of salad in the baguette.
The only thing I did not like were the julienne carrots which were too sweet.

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