Thursday, April 18, 2013

Purely organic alchohol

Pure Bar + Restaurant (Central)

Thanks to Pure dining for inviting me to try their Sous Chef Chetan Kohli’s 2013 menu which includes organic alchohol.

Pure dining is part of the PURE fitness group so it makes sense for a fitness social bar to offer healthy drinks.

The tantalising new cocktail menu includes signature favourites made with 100% fresh organic ingredients and alcohol.

Strawberry energizer:
Made with fresh strawberry juice, vodka and orange juice.
As a non drinker I really liked it because it was light and refreshing.
Cucumber Martini:
Made with lime juice, cucumber juice and vodka.
The colour of this fun and appetizing and the cucumber juice was soothing.
Compared to the first drink, the alcohol tasted stronger.
rare tuna with egg nori & lump fish caviar:
The tuna and lump fish caviar was a nice canape to start with.
chorizo & shallot bruschetta:
The Chorizo was covered with cheese on top and the shallots and chorizo was delicious and spicy.
truffled popcorn shrimp:
This was my favourite, the coating was crisp and light with a hint of truffle.
It seemed to be everyones favourite because it was gone quickly.
Ostrich meat balls:
Initially I thought they were beef balls but they were made from ostrich meat which was even nicer.
They were spiced with my favourite cumin.
Cucumber with salmon mousse:
This was my favourite, refreshing cucumber to go with rich and velvety salmon mousse on top.
Toast with liver mousse:
Lastly this was my favourite and the liver mousse was velvety matched with the crispy toast.

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