Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fine arts and Fine foods are a work of art

SR Gallery Cafe (Causeway Bay)

Thanks to SR Gallery for inviting me to try their 5 Course dinner set.

When I got there I was greeted by many artistic pieces as well as a gallery.
Currently Abstract art is on exhibition and the theme will change according to their schedule.

SR Gallery used to be just an exhibition for art but now they have integrated a restaurant with the gallery.

They serve dinner, desserts and a great choice of floral teas.

I liked the spaciousness of the restaurant with the gallery beside it.

For dinner you can choose a four course or five course meal.
There is optional foie gras as well.

I had trouble choosing each course because there were so many good choices.
Usually in other restaurants there are 1 or 2 delectable choices but at SR Gallery there were about 3-4 per course that I liked.

The vegetarian choices were really tempting as well and not just there for the sake of making up a choice for vegetarians!

Here was what I tried:

Foie Gras:

It was nicely presented with two sauces on either side, garnished with a sliced of apple on top.
The sweet sauce had pieces of orange rind in it so I preferred the other savoury sauce with the foie gras.
The foie gras was crisp on the outside and velvety in the middle.
Herbed Tuna Salad with Aged Balsamic Reduction:
I loved the strong tastes because the rocket is strong, grassy and bitter itself paired with the spicyness from the spices they put on it.
The tuna and the salad was a nice pairing.
SR Crab cake:
The crab cake was delicious with lots of crab meat inside fused with silky potato and herbs.
Clams with sun-dried tomatoes and cherry tomatoes:
The clams were appetizing especially with the tangyness of sun-dried tomatoes and fresh cherry tomatoes.
The clams were sand free too.
Mushroom soup:
The soup was really nice with strong mushroom taste, it was thick and infused with pureed mushroom.
French Duck Leg Confit with Truffle Mash Potato and Avocado Salad:
The duck seemed to be flavoured before it was cooked, because the duck tasted salty as if it was soaked in brine.
The skin was lovely and crispy and it basically tasted like the crispy aromatic ducks at Chinese restaurants in the UK.
The accompanying mash and salad was nice, and the mash was delectable because they put truffle in it.
As well as the salmon, they also had roasted rack of lamb with black olive sauce but I preferred the Salmon.
The other main choices were hard to choose from because there was Vegetable Strudel with Basil Cream Sauce and Buttered Pumpkin and Spinach and Cheese Cake with Sautéed Mushroom.
In the end I chose the salmon.
Pan Fried Salmon with Black Olive Sauce:

The salmon was cooked just right and the black olive sauce was amazing, it was strong and flavoured the salmon nicely because the olives were finely chopped with pieces of garlic in it.
It reminds me of black bean sauce but olive sauce tastes much nicer because it has natural olive oil in it and it has a nutty taste.
Lastly we finished with dessert so we chose the Panna Glazed Mango White Wine Sabayon and Banana Caramel Tart.
To go with the desserts there was so many teas to choose from.
The best tea to go with the dessert was the Black caramel tea which had the sweetest smell you could ever imagine.
I also tried the Body nourish tea as well because they also specialize in healthy teas as well as floral teas.
Panna Glazed Mango White Wine Sabayon:
I do not like Asian mango but I tried it because of the Sabayon which was really worth trying.
The cubes of mango were in a cup shaped filo pastry covered with dreamy light Sabayon.
The Sabayon was really milky, light and well frothed which was heaven with the delicate flakey filo pastry.
Banana Caramel Tart:
The size of this caramel tart was quite big which is why some people share this for tea in the afternoon.
The crust was lovely and buttery with sweet caramel on it.
It was definitely a nice banana tart because the banana slices, with caramel and crust were a perfect match.
Black tea caramel:

When this came, the smell was really sweet.
It contains sugar, hazelnut, cocoa and vanilla, but the taste was not actually sweet.
Body nourish:This had burdock roots, ophiopognis and Wolf berries.
The taste was interesting because it tasted like American ginseng (fa kei sum).
After trying the dinner I will come back and try their other main courses and the teas because there are so many!!

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