Monday, April 08, 2013

Come here for Hardcore food choices

華園餃子館 (Ho Man Tin)

Came here because they are famous for weird and wonderful choices.

When I sat down and browsed the menu, there were more hardcore choices than I imagined.
The menu reminded me of that noodle joint in Tai Kok Tsui called Che Bun Bun that serves expensive noodles and foie gras.

They also have a photos of nearly every dish on the wall too.

Anyway, the location of this restaurant is interesting because it is located in Ho Man Tin which is a residental area for the well off on the Kowloon side.

Pigeon egg:

I have never tried a pigeon egg before so ordered one. There were wine flavoured, salt and pepper or baked in salt.
I wanted the wine flavoured one but it was not available so I ordered the one baked in salt.
The pigeon egg was slightly bigger than a quail egg.

After peeling the shell off I was able to eat it, the taste of the quail was really salty.
Instant noodles in fermented beancurd sauce:

I have tried making this before but the beancurd I had was too clumpy like feta cheese so it was difficult to mix it together.

The fermented beancurd they used was too sweet, otherwise it would have tasted nicer.
The sauce was quite thick so the noodles got a bit sickly.
It tasted similar to instant noodles in sweet cheese sauce.
Chicken tendons in wine:

There were a choice of pork or chicken tendons and I chose chicken.
I have previously tried them before at Hung's delicacies which were boneless.
The ones here were slightly disappointing because it had brittle bones attached and the wine was not strong enough.
Panfried Fennel dumplings:

Either you love or hate the taste of fennel.
I love fennel so I really liked it but the they could have put more in it.
In Western cuisines they use the fennel root whilst in Asia they use the top part of the fennel which looks like dill.
The size of their dumplings were quite small.
Stir fried noodles with prawn roe:

The noodles were quite tasteless and very oily.
Iced Chinese tea:

There were two choices Pu Erh and Biluochun.
I tried both and I liked them because the taste of the tea leaves were strong.
I rarely drink Pu Erh because it has a muddy taste, but the one here does not.
On my next visit I hope to try the grilled/panfried oysters, grilled purple potato and deep fried mochi balls!

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