Monday, April 22, 2013

Banquet food at Paramount

Paramount Banquet Hall (Kowloon Bay)

I do not bother reviewing foods from banquets because it is just the usual boring food but this time the food was actually ok!

The Chinese banquet always starts off with roast suckling pig, fried items, chicken, fried rice, noodles and desserts which do not taste as good as the banquets in the UK.

This time it was actually quite good because I took seconds of nearly every dish.

As it was a media gathering, it was hosted by handsome and tall Andrew 袁文傑 from now TV, formerly an actor from Asia Television!

It was held at MegaBox's Paramount which was quite an inconvenient location.

Started off with the roast suckling pig which had an even distribution of meat and crispy skin.

The scallops rolls were not that nice because it was filled with salad cream, scallop and fruit.

The braised ducks feet and abalone were delicious especially the ducks feet because it was soft and gelatinous.
However it was slightly too salty.

Then there was fish and I had the huge fish head which was rich in collagen and has the fish cheek which is the most delicate part.

Lastly the dessert was good because it wasn't the usual boring stuff, it was a square block which tasted like the Taiwanese pineapple cakes, it was lovely and chewy and not too sweet.

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