Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Turkish mediterranean warmth of Quarry bay

TAVA Turkish & Mediterranean Cuisine (Quarry Bay)

This hip Turkish restaurant is located on the quiet end of Quarry bay near the Island East Markets.

After visiting the market, I decided to dine there but it was closed.

Came here another time.

The decor of this place was nice and modern with circle themes.

I was a bit annoyed because not all the items were available during lunch even though it was on the menu.

The eggplant special which was traditional palace style mashed and dressed eggplant topped with lamb or chicken or vegetable saute served with rice was not available for lunch.

Anyway, as there was not much worth trying I ordered the beef roll and the noodle fusion.
Noodle fusion:
This tasted exactly like Vietnamese style Cambodian noodles in tomato sauce.
The chicken with chicken skin included tasted nice because it was roasted.
The only complaint was that it was too oily.
Beef roll:
The beef roll was just the usual Turkish fare.
Turkish Tea:
This was the usual Turkish tea served in a small Turkish glass and tastes like red tea.
There was garlic sauce, chili sauce and mayonnaise.

Crispy onions:


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