Saturday, April 06, 2013

Back for my favorite green tea tiramisu

Restaurant: Maccha House (Diamond Hill)

Came back for more Maccha desserts because I did not get to try them all last time.

Maccha House has been opened for quite a few months so operations are going smooth.

On this visit, I still could not try the Maccha brulee because when it arrived, it was still frozen
I wish they could improve on that because on my first visit, the Maccha brulee was frozen rock hard!
On this visit, it was also rock hard.

Tuna Ochazuke:

The rice is covered with tuna sashimi served with a pot of Ochazuke.

In Kyoto, ochazuke is known as bubuzuke. When a Kyoto native asks if a guest wants to eat bubuzuke, it may really mean that the person has overstayed and is being politely asked to leave.

After the ochazuke was poured onto the rice, the rice softened up a bit and warmed up, but the ochazuke was not hot enough.
There were also pickles and wasabi to enhance the tuna.
Curry chicken with spinach and egg rice:

This was also delicious but if you plan to have desserts do not order it because it is quite filling.
I liked the steepness of the bowl because the curry sauce gets concentrated at the bottom so there is enough curry sauce throughout.
There was too much excitement in this dish because there was egg, chicken and spinach.
The egg was scrambled really nicely, soft and fragrant, and tasted delicious with the spinach.
On top of that there was chicken that is bound to make you really full and the curry sauce was delicious but slightly spicy.

The soup was plain vegetable soup with a light flavour.
Green Tea tiramisu:

When it arrived the top layer was quite runny which was interesting but it turned out to be really creamy.
Every part of the maccha tiramisu was delicious from the sponge combined with the creamyness of the dessert followed by the freshness of the green tea powder.

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