Friday, April 19, 2013

shh..its a girls best secret for delicious cakes

Cake's Secrets (Western District)

I have always wanted to go to this place but I never put it on my wish list because I used to think Kennedy Town was far until I made the effort to try Bistronomique, Tapaella Grill and this other hotel nearby.

That night, I was at a tasting nearby and it just so happens Mjqueen7e wanted to check this place too so we went together.

Initially I didn't know we wanted to try the same one cake shop because I did not know the Chinese name of this place.

Inside the cake shop there was a cabinet displaying the cakes and a two small tables.

Thanks to Mjqueen7e for treating me to these heavenly beautiful and delicious cakes.
Purple sweet potato cake:

Although I have never liked savory and sweet tastes together, but this was amazing.
The purple potato tasted natural and you could taste its natural savoriness.
The purple potato was extremely silky and light just like velvet and when eaten with the delicate soft cake inside it was a perfect match.

The cream inside the cake was also light and dreamy.
Green tea red bean cake:

Anyone who has seen this Green tea cake will be captivated by its interesting fortress appearance.
I have always imagined how I would eat this cake and wondered if the green tea sticks surrounding it would be crispy or biscuit like.
The red beans in the cake were hard and not starchy which were nice.

I attacked the cake by eating the sticks surrounding it which were similar to green tea flavoured macarons but in stick form.
The green tea cake in the middle was deliciously complemented by the cream and red beans.
If this place was not so far away, I would definitely be back.
I hope they open a branch in Central soon.

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