Saturday, April 06, 2013

Icecream @ Tezukuri

Shop: Tezukuri No Mise (Tseung Kwan O)

This brand of icecream has been in Hong Kong for ages but it never appealed to me because I did not like the logo and design of the shop.

Although it seems to be Japanese, it does not seem very Japanese at all.

It costs $9 per scoop or you can upgrade it for $1 and get a bigger scoop.

There were quite a lot of flavours and they had English labelling too, each flavour has some weird Japanese English to it.

Mint chocolate icecream:

The taste of the mint chocolate was quite likeable, it was thick and milky.
The mint and chocolate flavour was not as strong as Walls or Haagen Daaz.
The texture of this icecream is very coarse and contains a lot of icy particles but for that price I do not expect it to be luxurious, but a good choice for parents to satisying their kids who are screaming for icecream.

Sweet potato icecream:I wish I tried this first because I did not like it.
The sweet potato tastes like Playdoh!
Taro icecream:The taro taste was quite nice but not as nice as the local Dairy brand because it was too sweet and tasted muddy.

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