Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Delicious mixed grain rice for tea

Restaurant: Chomega (Wan Chai)

Went here for an early dinner and ordered pork slices with ginger.

Nice clock

Pork slices with ginger:
The pork slices were extremely tender and the ginger sauce was really strong.
It tastes better than the pork and ginger at Ajisens!!
There were less onions this time and lots of sesame sprinkled on top.
As well as the delicious ginger sauce, there was a strong grilled taste and a few pieces of delicious sliced onions.

Chocolate milk:
The chocolate drink also tasted nice too because it was not floury or milky.
It tasted like Nesquik's chocolate milkshake but there was more proportion of water to milk so it depends on whether you like milkshakes watery more milky.

The dessert today was lychee and chrysanthemum which I did not like.
There was nothing wrong with the dessert, I just have a personal dislike with edible flowers because they stink.


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