Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Simply delicious glutinous rice

Keung Kee (Wan Chai)

This joint is located in the middle of no where and it is neither close to Causeway Bay or Wan Chai because it is bang right in the middle with lots of roads to cross from either direction.

I have always wanted to visit this place but getting there was a problem.

I am not the person to like Chinese preserved sausages but I will still try them out when there are a lot of good reviews and I often change my opinion afterwards.

I finally made the effort to go when I saw two consecutive ENGLISH reviews because the previous ones were mainly Chinese and not that convincing but the pictures were promising to be on my to eat list.

The glutinous rice is also Eric wan's (尹天照) favourite but he said that this place was not open all the time.
(This was said quite a few years ago)

After reading the English reviews again and again I finally went on a nice cold day!

The restaurant is quite small and cosy, and it was perfect watching the tram go past because it felt like being a scene from an old Hong Kong movie.

At the front of the shop, there is a cooker of some sort that holds the glutinous rice with holes on the acrylic windows to let the steam out.

It does not look appealing but it is surprisingly delicious!

The menu was simple but it really helped reading those two English reviews by GW98 and Paramexics because it frankly is quite scary going into one of these places.

Glutinous rice with an extra preserved blood sausage:
Basically the rice with loaded with preserved meats but I could not get enough of the preserved sausage so ordered an extra one.
I never eat preserved waxed meats because they stink, especially the duck leg but the preserved meats in this tiny bowl of delicious rice did not stink at all!!
The glutinous rice which I dislike was suddenly delicious, it was like every grain of rice was coated with flavour and it was chewy and not too hard.
The spring onions and dried Chinese mushrooms gave it more flavour too.
The tiny bowl was quickly finished leaving you craving for more.
It would be great if the preserved meats could be evenly distributed because I have been here quite a few times and sometimes there was no preserved meat or no preserved duck.
Pan fried rice rolls:
Before I ordered them I assumed they were steamed but they were pan-fried as well.
Part of the rice rolls were lovely and crisp, and the middle was soft as it should be.

They were delicious complemented with the standard sesame and red bean sauce.

The congee had almost everything under the sun in it such as dried oysters, preserved egg, pork, pork bone but it was slightly disappointing because with all those ingredients, the taste was bland.
The ingredients in the congee were generous, there was nearly half of an preserved egg there.
Pork skin:
I am not really a fan of pork skin but I was relieved there was no rancid lard taste to it.

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