Thursday, April 04, 2013

More Filipino food @ Cinta J Express

Restaurant: Cinta J Express (Wan Chai)

Previously this tiny joint used to be Quezon which served DELICIOUS Filipino food.
But now it is Cinta Express.

I love Flipino food, but at this joint the Filipino food is rather expensive, I wonder how the the local Filipinos can afford it.

Anyway, they have a restaurant on Jaffe Road called Cinta J Restaurant which I really hate because it is not Filipino food at all.
They just serve Chinese food there.

On the first day of opening, the lunch choices were half Chinese and half Filipino.

I chose the a la carte Palabok which was the most expensive Palabok in Hong Kong, but saying that there is a new Filipino restaurant in Wan Chai called Kawali Filipino Kamayan Cuisine which also serves Filipino food at expensive prices.


Compared to the Palabok at Jolibees, the portion was much bigger and there was lots of sauce.
The sauce had rich prawn taste and the pieces of pork were nice and lean.
The rice vermicelli was cooked just right, not too soft or hard.

I was quite disappointed the next day because they were back selling Chinese food because Chinese people do not eat Flipino food, and a few days later Cinta J restaurant was short of manpower so this place was temporarily closed.

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