Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lovely modernized rickshaw noodles - NOT!

MinMix 1950 (Tseung Kwan O)

Previously tried this at Hung Hom and now they have opened in Metro City and Tuen Mun.

I was quite surprised the locals were quite ready for the new ordering system. A lot of people managed to order without a problem, but the only flaw was payment by octopus because not everyone has much credit on their cards.

There are round tables where the ordering panel swivels 180 degrees.

Anyway, I dined at this place because it is simple and has ENGLISH!

This time I decided to try the LAKSA.
The choice of noodles were only VERMICELLI or FRIED NOODLES for the LAKSA!.

I chose VERMICELLI because the English definition of Vermicelli is rice noodles ie (maai fun 米粉).
When it came it was Mai Sin (Cantonese) / Mixian ( Mandarin) 米線.
Mixian is guoqiao mixian 過橋米線/雲南米線 aka (Crossing the bridge noodles).

Anyway, I queried why it was not vermicelli and I could hear the people in the kitchen thinking it was my mistake.
If they have an issue, they should not cower in the kitchen and speak to me directly.

In the end, I was given a mix of vermicelli and Mixian for my laksa.

After I finished the noodles, I took a look at their Chinese version of the interface and it appears that the ENGLISH and CHINESE do not match for Vermicelli.

They have labelled the English wrongly.

So I looked at their list of noodles and they have labelled the Mixian as Vermicelli (bottom left picture) and Vermicelli as Rice noodles (top left first picture).

Vermicelli is also called rice noodles as well.

See the English and Chinese choices for the Laksa noodles:
It is implying that Vermicelli = 雲南米線 which is not!!

They should label it thick rice vermicelli then it would be not be misleading, the same as angel hair and normal pasta/spaghetti.
I was expecting Vermicelli because I ordered through the ENGLISH version.
If you wiki Vermicelli, you will not get pictures of Mixian.

As well as that, there was another translation error.

In English it saids Pork's bladder, in Chinese it means Stomach!

Interesting translation: bladder or stomach

Swivel design:
It does not rotate 360 degrees!
There are chopsticks on one side.

The ordering panel is on the other side

Stingy with the broth:

stingy with the broth
The laksa was bland, it was nice spicy, the tofu puffs were extremely salty.

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