Monday, April 08, 2013

skewers of grilled eel livers!~

At Sushi Take Out, you will sometimes find interesting items.

Last time I tried delicious rainbow trout sushi and milk pudding:

This time I found some Grilled eel livers!!!

At restaurants they would cost you at least $30 for two skewers but here I got a box of three skewers for $9, but at the normal price $12 it is still cheap...

Grilled eel livers:

They looked raw but they have been grilled.

The eel livers were covered in lots of teriyaki sauce that it got a bit sticky, there was an extra tub which I did not use.

The liver tasted sweet, bitter and it was velvety, but there were some chewy bits which I did not like and those chewy bits tasted like intestines.
Tuna sushi:

The tuna was soft and fresh.
Seared scallop:

Not quite sure what these were because they looked like scallops, but the staff said they were "yuenbui".
Anyway, because it was grilled the scallops had a stronger taste than the raw state, but it was slightly chewy.

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