Saturday, April 20, 2013

Get your cholesterol pumping!

澳門新龍記 (Santo Antonio)

Macau is famous for noodles topped with delicious toppings especially crab roe.

This is one of the restaurants that is famous for them, the other one is 牛記咖喱美食 Estab De Comidas Ngao Keo Ka Lei Chon which I must try on my next visit.

I chose this place first because they had Silkie chicken noodles and the squid patties reviewed by many Hong Kongers.

The menu was quite extensive and there were too many items I wanted to try.

The decor of the restaurant was basically the same as the Hong Kong restaurants.

Salted lemon with sprite:
There were two big pieces of salted lemon in the cup which was sufficient to flavour the whole bottle of sprite.

I do not like sprite but the saltyness of the lemon got rid of the artificial taste of the sprite.
The saltyness of the drink was just lovely.
Tossed noodles with crab roe:

The crab roe was really nice but too salty, the taste of crab was as its max, but after I finished it there was so much orange oil left on the plate so it is not very healthy.
It was pretty cheap for MOP23 which is approximately HKD$23.
Tossed noodles with silkie chicken in wine:
As well as the noodles with crab roe, I was looking forward to this too because of the silkie chicken in hua dao wine.
The wine taste was lovely and strong and the noodles did not have the alkaline taste.
It would be great the chicken was not so bony.
Squid patties:
The squid patties were ok, but not as good as I expected them to be because the squid taste was weak, but after adding the chili oil to it, the patties were delicious.
Chili oil sauce:
I was surprised the chili oil sauce was great because it had black beans in it giving it more flavour and not just spicyness.

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