Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hong Kong's McDonalds: Rice Fun Bowl [Beef]

McDonald's (North Point)

Despite the negative reviews I really wanted to try the Rice Fun Bowl by McDonalds.

There is a choice of chicken of beef.

The beef is bascially the same beef patty they put in the burgers and the chicken is the chicken they use in the grilled chicken burger topped with sweet teriyaki sauce.

I am quite puzzled why it is called a Fun Bowl because it is clearly a box.
So why don't they call it a Rice Fun Box

Rice Fun Bowl [Beef]:
When I opened the box, the portion was quite small.
The broccoli was just broccoli in its most natural form because it was just blanched and the rice just had pieces of sweetcorn in it which was quite nice.
In terms of being healthy just the broccoli and sweetcorn rice is nice and healthy.

However I did not like the beef because the sauce was too sweet.

The rice was not soft enough and frankly there should be more rice because you do not get any other items in the set leaving you quite hungry!
Luckily I used the coupon from the Newspaper to get it at $25 because it is only worth $23 in my opinion.
Future choices??There seems to be an option for pork and others as well as chicken and beef!!
Will we see sausage patty aka pork in the future for the Rice fun bowl??
Will we see curry sauce??


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