Friday, April 05, 2013

Grilled satays

This joint has been here for at least ten years, I used to dine here for noodles which were delicious but I never wrote about them.

I once forgot to pay because you pay when you leave so when I remembered on the bus I got off the bus and ran back to pay and they were quite surprised and said I could have come back another day to pay.

This joint is run by a few ladies who have been there for years.

At the front of the joint hey have a grill that grills all sorts of snacks so I ordered two chicken skewers.

Grilled chicken satay:When the chicken satays came, they were huge! Skewered with big pieces of chicken on it.
The picture below shows that without the sauce, it is well marinated, the one at the front is turned over.

The chicken was really tender and had hints of curry spices on it and the peanut sauce was sweet with crushed peanuts giving it more flavour.

They were very filling but I felt slighty thirsty afterwards.
Shop: 金發車仔麵 (Choi Hung)

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