Friday, April 12, 2013

Delicious pumpkin seed and almond danish

Luba's Bakery (North Point)

Thank you Mjqueen7e for getting me this delicious danish which looks like a croissant.

I have attempted to go to Luba's before but most of the bakeries were sold out.

It is actually a pumpkin seed and almond danish and it smells really nice just like WESTERN breads especially that yeasty smell.
There are pumpkin seeds and almonds on top of the danish, the smaller green coloured ones with orange seed inside are pumpkin seeds and the others are obviously almonds which are dusted with castor sugar so it is hard to see.

The danish was just bliss because the custard in the middle was light and not too sweet and it tasted delicious with generous amounts of almonds and pumpkin seeds on top which were crisp.

The pumpkin seeds have a distinct taste which is nutty and savoury.

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