Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Delicious food that is still delicious

Tiny Green Kitchen (North Point)

This place has not been reviewed for a while and i did not know about this place until an accidental discovery because one of the places I wanted to go was closed.

There are two Shanghai joints on this road and I chose this one because the name had nothing to do with Shanghai cuisine.

I also chose this place because they did grilled lamb skewers and the menu was more extensive.

Tiny Green Kitchen has been opened for more than ten years but its decor seems newer than the other Shanghai joint a few doors a way.

Came here twice, once for tea and for dinner.

For tea it was impressive because they were advising people to choose the tea set because it was cheaper and comes with a side dish, you could feel that customer service was a priority and not profit first.
The staff were patient and friendly too.

The menu was impressive because it had English, Japanese and photographs of the dishes.

Potato leaves with fermented beancurd sauce:

It was great that this dish was actually available because a lot of places have items that do not exist or they are not available due to lack of popularity. It is good how they made a not so common item popular here.
I really liked the texture of the potato leaves, they were similar to spinach but it had less of a metallic taste.
The fermented bean curd sauce was really delicious.
Potato leaves and pork dumplings:

These were delicious and the size of these dumplings were small.

There was an equal proportion of pork and potato leaves.
Chilled bittermelon:

The bittermelon could have been softer and sliced into smaller pieces.
The taste was quite bitter with a strong sesame oil and garlic taste.
Chicken wings in wine:

The chicken wings did not absorb the wine so well, so the wine taste was not strong, but if you tried the wine on its own the wine was actually good quality.
Adding the remaining wine to the noodles made it taste better.
Shanghai style dan dan noodles:

The noodles were delicious, the broth was rich and thick.

It tasted better than other noodles because the noodles they used were thin and flat which adhered a lot of broth to it.
The broth had a slightly tangy taste which made them moreish and not sickly because of the heavy peanut sauce.
Spicy chicken:

Tried this as well and it just tasted like shredded soya chicken and it was not that fresh.
Stir fried flat noodles:

The noodles tasted nice but I prefer the other type because these were chewy, but luckily they were soft enough.

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