Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The memoirs of Czarina

Czarina Restaurant (Mid-Levels)

Thanks to IVY_CWK or I would never have known about this restaurant and I rarely dine in this area because it is too much effort to go there.

When she first told me I had a quick look at the reviews thinking it was another Chinese style Western place for food but then they were closing down after decades of business so I decided to give it a try.
It was interesting because it was Russian Cuisine.

I wondered how the Russian cuisine ended up in Hong Kong because they were not ruled under the Russian Empire.

There is always non authentic Russian borscht soup served in Chinese Restaurants because they use tomato to replace beetroots.

Anyway, when we arrived, there was a crew filming the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant, the decor was quite old and historic by Hong Kong standards, but commonly found in Europe.
The table mats on the table reminded me of the ones used in UK with a cork base.

The menus were mostly handwritten and difficult to comprehend.

It was like Chinese joined up writing.

Russian Borscht soup:
Although it is not authentic, the taste was better than the Borscht soups served in other Chinese restaurants.
There was lots of tomato in it.
As well as this, I also tried the Portuguese fish soup which was much nicer because it had lemon in it.
Prawn and potato salad:.
The potato salad was surprisingly nice, it tasted natural unlike the other syrupy sweet salad cream HK style salads crammed with sweet tinned fruit.
Seafood platter:

The salmon was a bit dry and had bones.
Baked crab with cheese:

baked crabmeat n cheese
This was extremely delicious and contained real crabmeat and not surimi.
Cameraman caught on camera while I happened to be filmed by the Cameraman!

camerman at the corner filming
See corresponding video

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