Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Corned beef and aubergine delights

Restaurant: Quezon:

Came here again for my favourite Flipino food.

Basically you choose two items with rice.

This time I chose corned beef and aubergines in shrimp paste.

Corned beef:
Corned beef
I have tried this before many times because it tastes delicious but I never knew what it was.
The texture of the meat is slightly different and I finally found out that it was corned beef.
It is different to the British corned beef in terms of texture and it had peas and sweetcorn which was delicious.
Eggplant in shrimp paste:

Delicious soft eggplants in shrimp paste.
The shrimps in the sauce were really tiny!
It was delicious but slightly too salty.

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