Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hong Kong's McDonalds: Rice Fun Wrap [Chicken]

McDonald's (Central)

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a tasting, I paid $25 with a Newspaper coupon.
I was not on the list for the tasting event!
After trying the Beef Rice Fun Bowl, I was back to try the Rice Fun Wrap!!!

Review of Beef Rice Fun Bowl:
(The rice was nice but I would have preferred a better sauce eg curry or black pepper).

I had more faith with the wrap because I have tried the rice burger before and I loved it, so I expected it to be similar but wrapped in tortilla with chicken.

There was a choice of beef or chicken and I chose chicken because it was a crispy chicken patty and I figured I would not like the beef because the sauce for that is sweet.
McWraps are common in other countries and I really want to try the Indian Wrap because it has deep fried cheese in it called the McPaneer wrap with Paneer meaning cheese.
Rice Fun Wrap [Chicken]:The wrap comes packaged like this!

You eat the wrap by tearing the strip in the middle so that the wrap is still covered on the bottom half.
Again there is a possible option for future flavours or maybe vegetarian if people do not each chicken or beef.

For photo purposes I opened the top end to take a photo of the wrap.

I took a bite and there was a rice patty, lettuce and cucumber inside which was delicious, especially the flavoured rice patty.

In the middle there was some spicy mayonnaise sauce inside which was sweet and spicy.
The spicyness is similar to the spicyness of their chicken wings.

However when you eat it, the sauce sinks to the bottom due to gravity, so the tastes gets stronger and stronger!


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