Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You are my first.... Mr. BINGTongWuLoh

Mr. Bing (Central)
I have always wanted to try these candied fruits on a bamboo stick that are about 20cm long.
They come from Beijing and some cities in China.
In mandarin it is pronounced bingtanghulu.
The traditional ones are Chinese Hawthorns dipped in sugar syrup which results in a hardened sugar coating.
To me Chinese Hawthorns remind me of tiny crab apples!
Anyway, thanks to Mr Bing for importing these Candied fruits because it was my first time trying them.
I have seen them before at fairs but never tried them because I wasnt sure if they were clean and it is difficult to eat things on skewers when there are lots of people walking about.
At Cheung Chau Island, there is a thing similar to this, it is basically assorted fruits on a stick which are in frozen form.
At Mr. Bing's they have strawberry or Hawthorn.

I chose the strawberry because I didn't know if the Hawthorn had pips in the middle.
Strawberry candied fruit:

After I read Ivy Cwk's review I just had to come and try it.

It was rock hard because it was frozen, but the exterior of the wrapper had syrup so it was mega sticky.

I was really fortunate Mjqueen7e who I was dining with that day had wet tissues!!

To be honest it was fun eating a frozen strawberry but the sugar coating on the outside was way too sweet and the strawberry was very sweet itself.
The strawberries had rice paper on the outside to keep it from sticking to the wrapper.

It was good the stick in the middle was nice and rigid and did not snap half way through!


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