Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why is it called mousse when it is not mousse!

Crumbs (Jordan)

Walked past and noticed this Premium green tea mousse with green tea mochi so decided to try it.

At this branch you can dine there so the menu offers more variety than the other branches other which only offer froyo and scones.

I have tried their scones and froyo which were quite nice but not addictive enough to make me come back.

This branch only did takeaways according to the photos on Openrice.

Water is self service.

Premium green tea mousse:When I ordered it I was quite suspicious whether it was really mousse but the Chinese and English stated it was mousse so that was why I got it.

However when it arrived I was quite disappointed because it was not mousse, it was evidently a pudding so why call it mousse.

Luckily the dessert was ok and not too sweet and the mochi was nice.


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