Monday, April 15, 2013

Retro Star Cafe glowing from the basement

Star Cafe (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Star Cafe is a really famous retro cafe located in the basement of Champagne Court.

I could not find it before because I did not know there was another floor beneath it.
I used to think it was on the same floor as Sun Kee's.

Recently had a tasting nearby and decided to dine here beforehand, I was determined to find it.
Luckily one of the reviews showed pictures on how to get there and bingo I finally found it.

The scenery was interesting, it was similar to a Chinese version of Chung Kung Mansions.

Sat down and the menu is simple, they serve toasts and noodles.

Most people go there for noodles in tomato broth with mixed egg.

They serve soda in glass bottles, so they have a nice pile of bottle caps.

Tomato and egg macaroni:I have always wondered why people come here to eat this because it looks like puke on top, but it was surprisingly delicious.

There was a choice of instant noodles, macaroni or pasta.
I did not want to choose the macaroni because they serve the ribbed ones which are really thick but the ones here were not that thick so I ordered it.

I liked the way the macaroni held the soup in the tube part.
The tomato soup broth was really nice, it looked thick but it was actually quite runny with rich tomato flavour that was natural.
The egg that was mixed in the tomato sauce balanced out the tangyness of the tomato.
For people who find tomato and egg a bit plain, they can order tomato with beef or luncheon meat which is also quite popular.
The size of the bowl was quite big but the tomato soup was really appetizing that I finished it all.
I have put a standard bowl next to it so you can see how big the bowl is.

Condensed milk with peanut butter toast:

I do not usually eat this because of the butter, but here it was delicious and there was no butter.
The toast was fresh and toasted lightly hence it was crispy and soft in the centre.
The peanut butter and condensed milk tasted nice together because the amount they used was just right.
Photos of the cafe:


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