Friday, April 19, 2013

A nice Genki Surprise

Genki Sushi (Tseung Kwan O)

I am not a fan of Genki Sushi because the choice of sushi is not very creative, so I have not been for a long time.

At the entrance, there was a no camera sign!
But I took these photos using a phone so I guess its ok

After this visit, I felt that their sushi is getting better and there are more choices offered especially for dessert such as Haagen Daz and cakes.

Basically every table was by the sushi conveyor belt so you could grab what you want and if it was not there you can place an order.

Green tea:
I liked the way they did not use tea bags because the taste gets bland after a few refils.
Here they use green tea powder so you can decide how strong you want it.
The green tea taste was slightly bitter and grassy.
Genki roll:

Initially I wanted to try the deep fried salmon skin but the genki roll has deep fried salmon skin in it, so I tried that.
It does not say that on the menu, but you can see the deep fried salmon skin if you look carefully.
The salmon and salmon skin tasted really delicious because it was like eating fried salmon with raw salmon.
Seared black pepper salmon:
The seared salmon was really nice but the salmon and rice was too soft that it did not hold together.
Chocolate cake:
The cake tasted the best because the strength of chocolate was just right and not too sweet along with the soft cake.
Adding green tea powder made it even more delicious.

Japanese cheesecake:
The cheesecake was lovely and soft, but it got quite sickly because the cheese taste was strong and similar to eating sweet creamy dairylea spread.

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