Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Cantonese wonderland in a retro cafe

Kei Heung Cafe (Ho Man Tin)

Ever since I saw photos of this place I had to come and try their pasta.

There is another place in Sheung Wan which serves pasta with tomato sauce in an old Chinese cafe but the difference is the ketchup is plonked on top and here is it tossed in ketchup.

This restaurant is located on Victory Avenue where there are so many other eateries in competition with it.

Kei Heung Cafe is quite unique on this road being the oldest and operating for more than 4 decades with no attempts to renovate it.

The prices of the food are quite cheap and down to earth compared to other restaurants on that road, so expect queues because people will choose this place because the choice on the menu is simple.

Most people dine there for pasta.

The menu is on two sides, the drinks list is quite extensive and takes up one page.

They even have cold coffee and icecream ( not sure if it means coffee flavoured icecream or coffee with icecream).

The other side consists of pastas, instant noodles and snacks.

Food menu
The restaurant is quite small so expect to be knocked about every now and then by people walking past.
Pasta braised in tomato sauce with shredded omlette pieces, ham and chicken:

The definition of braised here is slightly different from braised dishes in other restaurants. I think they mean spaghetti tossed in tomato sauce.
I really liked the texture of the pasta and it was not soggy even though the strands looked huge and they were easily twirled with a fork.

The pasta was delicious because the sauce was evenly tossed on every strand.
The tomato sauce was so moreish and the taste was not too tangy or sweet with rich tomato taste.
Each strand of spaghetti was firm and the texture was similar to freshly made pasta with a doughy texture. The chicken, ham and egg added more taste and chew to it balancing out the thick tomato sauce.
Tri coloured icecream with soda:

Initially I ordered chocolate icecream with soda but I changed my mind and chose the tri coloured one thinking it would be three mini scoops of different flavoured icecreams but it was one scoop of Neapolitan icecream.
There was not much chocolate in the scoop so it was just pink and white.

I took a sip of the soda beneath thinking it was soda water but it was 7-up/Sprite which I did not like but after mixing it, the drink was delicious and tasted like a nice milkshake.

The colour was nice just like a thick strawberry milkshake, but the pieces of ice were about the size of the straw diameter so they kept getting stuck.
It had a nice strawberry and lemon taste with a fizz.

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