Thursday, December 13, 2012

22222 = 2 Brits aboard da 22 Ships @ 22 Ship Street

I had a friend visiting from the UK so decided to dine at this new Tapas bar.

Since it opened I have always wanted to try this place. I found it inspiring that a Brit guy was serving the Spanish cuisine and not English food.
The menu at this tapas bar was interesting too, the ingredients were from all over the world too.

There was a slight mishap in the meal which can be spotted in the photo if you look carefully.
The lighting there was dim so I did not even know I captured that until I transferred the photos from the camera.

But anyway being a Brit I was lenient on this occaision, these things will also happen in the UK too but the difference is the atitude and how they take care of the matter.
They were very apologetic about it unlike the attitude of some places in Hong Kong where they dont think it is a problem unless it is fine dining.
The tapas bar was quite a cozy one so it is hard not to brush against people.
Spanish breakfast, chorizo and potato $98:
I am not a fan of chorizo but it was a must try for me because of the foamy potato, there was a poached egg in there too and the potato was so gorgeous with the runny egg yolk.
Fried egg, black pudding, capers and anchovy $58:
This was another must have too because it had black pudding. The tastes were so amazing, every mouthful was sensational because of the saltiness of the anchovies, and black pudding and the strong herbs too.
The saucepan holding the fried egg was extremely cute, the size of it was catered for one egg only.
salt and pepper squid with aioli ink $78:
These were tiny cute squids coated in light batter, the sauce was made with squid ink, the best and most original sauce to dip the squids in.
As the squids were tiny, they were extremely delicate.
Salt baked beetroot, cheese mousse and almond powder $68:
This was amazing, the texture of the cheese was like crumbled pieces of meringue and melted in your mouth.
The beetroots had been thinly sliced and the texture was different to the usual beets, it was crispy.
Roasted Padron peppers, green chili, garlic and sea salt $68:
These were giving to us because of the blooper that was made.
Initially we thought they were Jalapeno peppers but the Chef Mxxx said the last thing he wanted to give us was spicy hot chili!
I tried them and they were delicious, they were like mini capsicums with a bitter taste, but it was enhanced by the garlic, sea salt and the occaisonal chili bits.
Char grilled Iberico pork and foie gras burgers avocado and pickled cucumber $148:
This was where the blooper happened which can be soon on the photo if you look carefully.
I did not see it at the time because of the dim lighting in the restaurant but since my camera automatically brightened the pictures without the flash I did not bother to check the photos.
Disregarding the blooper these burgers were delicious, there was a strong charred and beefy taste.
The pickled cucumbers balanced out the grilled taste.
There was some gentle smoked and salty flavour owing to the Iberico pork.
Baked smoked bone marrow, onion jam and sourdough, gentlemen relish butter $68:
The bone marrow was slightly different from what I was expecting but it was extremely fun eating from a bone!
The texture and taste of the bone marrow tasted like corned beef because there was some meat mixed into it.
Crispy lemon meringue, cucumber sorbet, gin jelly $68 :
As well as the tapas I was really looking forward to this. The cucumber sorbet was quite sweet but the cucumber taste was really strong and cooling.
Peanut ice cream, blue fruit, salted pea-nut caramel $68:
This was also an interesting dessert, pairing peanut butter with berries.
The dessert was sprinkled with frozen frosted berries and raspberry nodules.
It was interesting eating the velvety peanut icecream with tart berries and the shape of the icecream was quite cute.
The desserts which we were going to order were a treat from Chef M, so we were quite chuffed and I will certainly be back.

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