Monday, December 17, 2012

Ham and oyster omelette @ Sunshine Restaurant

Walked past and noticed the Ham and oyster omelette so decided to order that.
Personally I would have preferred just oysters in the omelette.

It came with Wolfberry and whelk soup.

Apart from that, there was another choice that I wanted to order which had four items with rice.
The four items were: fried egg, pork chop, barbeque pork and luncheon meat!
Phonetic menu:
One of the menus was quite interesting because it had Chinese phonics in English.
Wolfberry and whelk soup:
The soup was quite light and the whelk taste was not strong enough, there was hints of ginger in the soup.
Ham and oyster omelette:
I was taking a gamble ordering this one because there might be sand in the oysters, but I was was quite impressed because the oysters were clean.
The oysters were slightly bigger than baby oysters and there were about 4-5 oysters in that omelette.
There was also plenty of spring onions and some coriander too.
The omelette was quite delicious especially with the oysters and spring onions but it was slightly too salty.
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