Monday, December 17, 2012

Take a trip to Shek kip mei if your bored

Ever since seeing photos of the dark coloured squid in the metal pan I have always wanted to try them, but as there were not many reviews I was not sure if this place still existed.

Anyway if you have an hour to kill or your just plain bored, you should give this place a visit if your not a Shek Kip Mei resident.

I found this place really fascinating, it was like an old area of Hong Kong and similar to those housing estates in East London.
This particular estate had an extremely long corridoor that ends at the other end of that building!
Getting here was easier than I thought, exit B2 of Shek Kip Mei MTR and turn left into the estate and keep walking around the estate until you reach a road.
The snack joint is just accross the road!
When you enter that estate the snack shop is on the right hand side along with other stalls.

This place is only open at night!
Other interesting scenes.
Anyway finally reached the stall and there it was.
According to the reviews they used to cost 50 cents per slice, but now they cost $1 each, so I got $10 worth.
The pieces of squid are put in a brown paper bag that is ripped open to form a cone shape, and another is put beneath it to give it extra protection.
After that, more sauces are added and if you like it spicy you can add the chili sauce too.
I asked for less sauce because I was quite worried the bag might break due to it getting wet from the sauce.
I finally tried the squid and it was really worth coming all the way as well as the fun of seeing this interesting housing estate.
There was so much sauce on the squid and the sesame oil taste was really evident.
The sauces were lovely and strong similar to satay sauce but not spicy.
For beginners like me, it takes a while to get used to using these skewers to pick up these extremely slippery pieces of squid. The fact that the squid is cut into really small long slices requires some extra skill to pick them up.
Since they were cut so finely the squid was lovely and tender and more sauce can adhere to it making it more tasty.

On my way out I had finished the delicious squid so I had to throw the bag away, I managed to find a litter bin and it was personalised with the estate name too!
There was also a dog which had interesting bat like ears.
There is a video of the owner performing magic outside his shop on youtube.
Search "南生村麥記士多(老闆表演魔術)" on youtube!!!!!!!!!!

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