Monday, December 17, 2012

Dreamy apple pie tea and BLACK curry

Initially I wanted to try this place for the new pasta which is offered just for autumn, after I looked at the menu I found out there was apple pie tea and tiramisu coffee so tried that as well.
Luckily I tried apple pie tea because it turned out to be best item.
Pasta with porcini mushrooms in demi glace sauce:
When it came the colour of the sauce was not as dark as the product shot and the amount of porchini mushrooms was disappointing because they put other mushrooms in the pasta as well.
However the mushroom taste was strong, the porcini mushrooms were really soft.
Black curry:
The black curry was interesting. The spicyness of the curry does not hit you immediately but it comes really slowly.
Apple pie tea:
I loved this drink, the cinammon was strong. I tried the apple tea first before mixing the cream.
After I mixed the whipped cream, the drink was so delicious, it was light and frothy.
The drink was different to what I thought it would be. Initially I thought it would be milk tea with apple syrup but it turned out even better.
Tiramisu coffee:
The coffee was too sweet.

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