Monday, December 17, 2012

Floral tea pudding from 南小館 @ East island markets

When I saw the pictures of the desserts at THE DINING ROOM I have always wanted to try them and the decor seems really nice and modern which looked more Western than Asian.

Anyway went to the Island East Markets at Quarry Bay and The Dining Room had a stall there with the dessert I wanted to try so I got it.
Usually I do not like floral items such as rose, lavender or osthmanthus but Jasmine is nice.

Floral tea pudding:
On top of the pudding there were quite a few fresh jasmine buds on it.
I wasnt sure whether to eat them or not so I just tried the pudding.
The texture of the pudding was like thin custard and the taste was really nice and not too sweet.
There were tones of Jasmine yet the pudding was extremely creamy.
In the end I tried the Jasmine buds and they were quite bitter.

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