Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Purple yam cheesecake @ Niji

Came here just for the cheesecake, there are four flavours: blueberry, chestnut, purple yam, fuji apple and cinammon.

The previous time I came, the purple yam and apple cheesecake were sold out.

The takeaway one was quite big so I dined in.
The cheesecake set was $62 excluding 10%, but since I did not know the price of the takeaway version I dined in.
I was quite annoyed because I did not know you could just order the cheesecake on its own because the drinks are the usual Hong Kong style milk teas, coffees and lemon teas which I do not drink.
Later I found out the a la carte for the cake is $3X so the drink which I do not like is around $3X and for the takeaway version which is much bigger it costs $65 so it seems cheaper to get the takeaway.
Purple yam cheesecake:
Natural purple yam has a delicate flavour so I did not expect to taste any of it in the cheesecake, however there were pieces of purple yam in it and there was a strong coconut flavouring with soft pieces of dessicated coconut.
The cheesecake was quite dense with a sweet biscuit crumb base.

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