Monday, December 17, 2012

Braised radish in soup and runny egg in wine

Last time when I tried the runny egg in wine I forgot to order the Chinese radish in soup so this time I came back for it and ordered the egg as well.
Braised radish in soup:
The braised radish was cut in big chunks.
The radish was sweet but there was a slight bitter taste but the accompanying broth was really natural and sweet.
Runny egg in wine:
The egg I got this time had a runny yolk as claimed, however the wine tasted really different to my last visit.
I was given more wine on the last visit and this time there was less.
The clarity of the wine was clearer and the taste of the wine this time was strong and alcoholic with no savouryness it had last time.
Overall the egg was nice this time because the yolk was runny as claimed but the wine was not as good as last time.

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