Monday, December 17, 2012

Your average Chinese food @ Date Day Restaurant

Walked past and saw that they had "tong cho yue" which I thought was the Shanghai style fish that is cooked in sugar and brown vinegar so I got it.
Decided to dine there because the seating looked ok, but it costs $40 dining there and $29 takeaway so decided to get a take out.
While I was waiting, there were two cigarette bins beside the entrance and so many cigarettes had not been stubbed out properly so it was really smelly.

Thoses bins were quite annoying because it encourages people to smoke along Hennessey Road and dump their ciggis there.
It seems that they are open 24hrs a day!!
Sweet and Sour fish:
When I opened the box, it was just sweet and sour fish with pieces of pineapple in it.
The fish was quite nice but you could taste the MSG.
I found the sauce quite sweet so I scraped some of the sauce away.
Cute signs, nice decor and colourful menus

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