Thursday, December 27, 2012

Deli-O Winter drink special: Green Tea latte

Saw the poster for the winter drinks special which were the green tea latte and the chocolate and peppermint drink.
Went in for the green tea latte and had a pasta set.
Pasta and scrambled egg set:
The pasta set comes with scrambled egg, ham and toast.
As usual the scrambled egg was tasteless but if you eat it with the salty broth from the pasta it tastes nice.
The buttered toasted was nice because it was real butter.
Green tea latte:
The presentation of the green tea latte was rather disappointing because it was not served in a cup as shown on the picture but in a disposable paper cup.
The taste of the latte was quite nice because the latte was not too milky and the green taste taste was light.
The cream on top was sweet whipped cream.

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