Monday, December 17, 2012

Lumpy Lumpy grounded pistachio dessert @ Hoi Kee

grounded pistachio dessert:
Last time I had delicious desserts at the To Kwa Wan branch so I decided to get the pistachio dessert again at the Mong Kok branch, however the dessert here was lumpy and it was too sweet and lacked that delicious pistachio taste that it did in the To Kwa Wan.
As for the presentation it looked nothing as good as the TKW branch and there was dessert overflowing on the side of the bowl.
The dessert at the Mong Kok branch did not fare as good as the To Kwa Wan branch.
The interior was not as good as the To Kwa Wan branch, although the lights were the same.
The menu was also not as extensive as the TKW branch too.

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