Monday, December 17, 2012

Lucky cookies from Clover Cake & Coffee House

On a funny note I discovered this shop in 2010 and told HK Epicurus about this place because he likes coffee and so that he could give this place the first review.

Anyway, as for myself I have always wanted to try their cakes but I never got round to it, but finally I tried something from this shop.

It was so nice of Mjqueen7e to get me some cookies from Clover.
Earl grey tea cookies:
In my opinion these are the best Earl Grey Tea cookies I have had.
Initially I did not know what flavour they were because it did not say on the packet, but the Earl grey flavouring was so strong that I could tell what it was.
I felt that the flavour of these cookies were really successful because I could taste it as well as smell it.
I loved the thickness of the cookie because it was nice and thin.
Not only was the sweetness just right, the butter was not overpoweringly strong.
Having real earl grey tea leaves in the cookies gave it more depth.

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